Dental Procedures You Might Avoid a Root Canal with This Tooth-Saving Procedure

The sooner you get treated for tooth decay, the less likely you'll lose your tooth. That could mean ...

May 14 • 1 min read
Dental Procedures Dentures with Implants Could Help You Avoid Bone Loss

Even with modern prevention and treatment advances, losing teeth in later life is still a sad but co...

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Dental Procedures Why Alfonso Ribeiro Is Grateful for Root Canal Treatment

As the host of America's Funniest Home Videos on ABC TV, Alfonso Ribeiro has witnessed plenty of uni...

Apr 24 • 2 min read
Dental Procedures Your Age Doesn't Have to Keep You from a Straighter Smile

Bite problems are quite common—as many as 75% of adults may have some form of orthodontic issue. Unf...

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Dental Procedures Lady Gaga Wasn't "Born This Way?"

Sometimes, looking at old pictures can really bring memories back to life. Just ask Stefani Germanot...

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Dental Procedures You may Need Orthodontic Treatment Before Obtaining Implants

You have a lot of options for replacing missing teeth, from state-of-the-art dental implants to affo...

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Dental Procedures Julianne Hough Shares a Video - and a Song - After Wisdom Teeth Come Out

Once upon a time, celebrities tried hard to maintain the appearance of red-carpet glamour at all tim...

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Dental Procedures Implant-Supported Dentures Could Boost Your Jawbone Health

People have depended on dentures for generations—and they still do. That's because they work, both i...

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Dental Procedures Dental Implants Better than Ever thanks to Ongoing Tech Advances

While many people still consider dental implants the "new kids on the block" in dental restoration, ...

Jan 4 • 1 min read

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