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Since 1993, Dr. Shay Salehrabi’s reputation for delivering quality family dentistry has extended far beyond our local Monterey Park, Montebello, and East Los Angeles communities. Serving the smiles and oral health needs of all ages, our team also provides an endless variety of preventive and educational services that utilize the latest in dental technologies.

When we say we’re a family-focused dental practice, taking care of the many needs of your family’s smiles, we mean it! Our metal-free practice takes a conservative and gentle approach to your family’s dental well-being, making it possible for your loved ones to experience safe, reliable dental care in one convenient location.

If you’re searching for a compassionate dentist who understands that each stage of life requires individualized and comprehensive care, look no further than our Monterey Park dental practice. Schedule your family’s next dental appointment at Dentistry for Children & Adults today!


Exceptional Dental Care for The Entire Family

Having a dental practice that caters to your entire family is more than simply convenient. It also allows Dr. Shay to administer exceptional care that takes medical history, genetics, and potentially inherited behavior into consideration.

At our Monterey Park office, we can address any number of dental issues, regardless of their complexity. This includes many forms of gum disease, decay, damaged, and tooth loss. We offer the following services, fully custom for toddlers, children, teens, adults, and seniors:

Exams and Cleanings are necessary every six months. While you’ll still need to perform daily oral health care at home, regular cleanings allow us to remove plaque and tartar buildup that brushing and flossing can miss.

Digital X-Rays and Dental Technology are vital diagnostic and preventive tools that help us gain valuable information about your smile’s oral health during routine examinations and care.

Our Kodak digital x-rays delivers precise images of your smile’s structures while detecting any hidden dental abnormalities safely, using 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.

Our BIOLASE™ water and gum dental laser helps us deliver cavity, gum disease, and cosmetic treatments comfortably while significantly decreasing pain during treatment and reducing healing time after procedures.

Prevention, Communication & Patient Education are crucial aspects of dental visits. Respectful, honest, and open communication helps your family understand the importance of daily oral hygiene and its role in promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles.

We believe that when your child, spouse, and grandparents are informed about dental care and necessary treatments, they’re more likely to feel confident about caring for their teeth and gums between dental visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services work to improve and enhance your teeth, gums, and, bite. Our cosmetic solutions, like teeth whitening, crowns, and veneers, can all be tailored to exceed your needs by focusing on your smile’s aesthetics, like shade, shape, size, alignment and overall appearance.

Dental Restorations focus on reestablishing the essential health, function, and strength of your smile in addition to enhancing overall appeal. Our team exclusively uses the latest in tooth-colored materials, like zirconia and white composite resins to provide beautiful and safe treatment.

Dental Implants have been considered the gold standard for replacing one to all missing teeth within a smile since their invention in the 1950s. By only using Nobel Biocare’s patented titanium implants, we can completely replace missing teeth permanently, from root to crown.

Dr. Shay can also ensure predictable and successful implant placement by using the Nobel 3D cone beam precise guided surgery guide.

Root Canal Therapy may be required to save a tooth when inner infection threatens its longevity and health. During treatment, Dr. Shay removes the decay and infected tissues, fills the root canal chamber with antibacterial material, and then seals the tooth from further harm. Depending on the extent of previous damage, we may apply a filling or crown for lasting protection.

Gum Disease Treatment is essential when active periodontal disease is present. Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, remove tartar below the gum line and help prevent further infection from developing into periodontitis, the damaging form of gum disease.

TMD Therapy helps to relieve the pain, discomfort, and potential dental health issues of disorders impacting the temporomandibular (jaw) joint. TMD is not a single disorder, but a group of conditions that often develop from an uneven bite, crooked smile, tooth clenching, and grinding (bruxism).

If you’re experiencing headaches or soreness in the temples, neck, jaw, upper back, and shoulders, we provide custom treatments with nightguards, oral appliances, and even surgery.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment is important for helping patients with this common yet serious condition. To help you or a loved one get better sleep for good, we can help diagnose sleep apnea and provide oral appliance therapy, alternatives to CPAP machines, and custom nightguard and mouthguards.

Sealants can be used as a preventive measure, often for protecting young smiles against decay. This thin plastic-like material is coated over teeth to provide a shield against harmful bacteria known to cause cavities.

Fluoride Treatments can be applied topically using a specialized gel to strengthen existing enamel. Fluoride can also help remineralize teeth.

Why Visit a Family Dentist?

comprehensive dental care for the family in monterey park

When you bring your family to our office, they have access to a wide range of all-inclusive services. Our procedures are tailored to the individual needs of every family member, allowing your loved ones to experience the specialized care they need and deserve.

Our family-focused dentist also has the extensive skill and experience needed to treat your children, spouse, parents, or grandparents throughout every stage of life. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of visiting a family dentist is that you no longer need to worry about finding multiple offices or scheduling numerous appointments to have your needs addressed.


What Can My Family Expect from Their First Dental Visit?

first visit to monterey park dentist office

Whether you're bringing in children as young as two, a grandparent of 92, or you’re visiting us for yourself, initial dental appointments allow us to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancers.

We understand dental visits can come with feelings of intimidation and fear. Dr. Shay listens to your concerns to gain a clearer picture of your goals and establishes trust through respectful communication while educating your family about the importance of oral health and routine hygiene. We also work closely alongside you to help eliminate dental fears and anxieties in yourself or your children.

During first visits, your family can expect the following:

Evaluation of Your Medical and Oral Health History

You’ll likely be asked to fill out a health history form. Please try to answer these questions as completely and honestly as you can, as this information will be the foundation by which our team will know how to best approach your oral health treatment.

This disclosure of your dental and medical history is essential to ensure your treatment will follow the best course of action for your needs.

Our dentist will check the different parts of your oral structures for any signs of abnormality. X-rays will be taken to help us clearly see the details of your smile that may have been missed during past check-ups. Through these digital images, more accurate views of your mouth are produced, and any signs of dental issues, like deep-seated cavities, may be detected.


Our comprehensive smile exams can be tailored to meet the needs of every age group. These examinations will include detailed evaluations of the:

  • Teeth & gums
  • Face & neck
  • Jaw joints & bite
  • Lips, cheeks, & tongue
  • Floor & roof of the mouth
  • Teeth alignment
  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Following a detailed review of your medical history and check-up results, our dentist creates personalized treatment plans that will take your current oral health, dental needs, and aesthetic features into consideration.

    Your smile with undergo a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up which cannot be removed properly with brushing and flossing alone. We’ll then floss between and around every tooth to eliminate foreign particles before polishing. With polishing, teeth are smooth and shiny, helping reduce plaque buildup.

    Caring for Family Smiles at Home

    For keeping the smiles of your family healthy, our dental care tips for home care depend on what we discover during dental visits. However, setting aside a few minutes each day to practice diligent dental hygiene is the basis of good home care habits. Consistency and repetition are the foundations for building a healthy habit, just like regular exercise.

    Below are ten essential tips we recommend for keeping teeth strong and healthy at every age.

    1. Introduce kids to dental care early with games, apps, and quality time.
    2. Brush twice daily and floss daily or after every meal.
    3. Chew sugar-free gum or rinse after eating.
    4. Seal off cavities or infection with necessary treatments.
    5. Use the right amount of fluoride.
    6. Wear a mouthguard during sport activities.
    7. Avoid smoking or tobacco use.
    8. Eat a balanced diet, full of nutrients, fiber, and vitamins.
    9. Limit sugary foods and drinks like candy, soda, and other sweets.
    10. Visit our team every six months for routine care.

    You have so many great reasons for keeping your family’s smiles healthy. In addition to preserving functional and beautiful smiles, our team also wants to prevent oral health issues, like gum disease.

    Research shows the oral infections can lead to other problems throughout the body, including an increased risk of heart disease. Protecting your healthy smile is also an important part of protecting your overall health!


    Ensure Optimal Oral Health for Your Family!

    learn how to care for your teeth

    You’ll love bringing the entire family to our state-of-the-art Monterey Park dental practice. Our friendly and dedicated staff is happy to schedule joint visits, so every member of your family can be seen the same day.

    Dr. Shay and his team love getting to know individuals and helping families keep their smiles beautiful and healthy. You’ll get to know our team by name while counting on us to be here to help you for many years to come. Contact Dentistry for Children & Adults today!


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